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Accomplish what you thought was impossible! **Code Pink Fitness Boot Camp



We now offer VIRTUAL WORKOUTS! It's different than just watching a pre-taped workout. You will be live with the trainer who can see you and help you if your form needs adjusting or you just need some motivation to keep going!  $50 4-weeks of unlimited sessions. Register NOW!

M.T.Th 5:30 am (PST) & T.Th. 6:00 pm (PST)


Women's Fitness Sherwood, OR Tualatin Fitness Boot Camp

What is Code Pink Boot Camp

What is Code Pink Boot Camp

What is Code Pink Boot Camp

CODE PINK BOOT CAMP is an outdoor/indoor, and virtual fitness class designed for  women! This camp is looking for  women over 40 that want to lose 30 - 65 pounds of fat!  This session is perfect for those with knee, hip, back limitations...there is 


Code Pink Boot Camp took a hiatus, but WE ARE BACK! Catering now to women in their 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!  We know our bodies change over the years, and sometimes hormones take over, we are here to help you take your body back!

  We look forward to welcoming you! 

Small groups, so it is like personal training in a group setting as we take YOUR body into consideration in designing each workout.

Code Pink Boot Camp began in 2008 and quickly grew from one camp to 30 camps throughout Orange County, CA, Portland, OR, Phoenix, AZ , Denver, CO and Katy, TX.  A thriving program specializing in Women’s Group Exercise for women of all fitness levels, ages, shapes and sizes has helped many,  many women!

Code Pink Boot Camp Oregon is a program where getting and STAYING IN-SHAPE is fun!  The workouts are just 45-minutes!  Coming soon... more workout times and locations, fitness retreats, nutrition programs, healthy cooking classes, seminars and grocery shopping tours!

 Our focus is to help women target their specific needs and accomplish what they thought was impossible. Through Code Pink Boot Camp we can help women create a balanced lifestyle that will contribute to her long-term physical and emotional health, growth regardless of what stage of life she is in, all along boosting her 


Women over 40 Fitness


What is Code Pink Boot Camp

What is Code Pink Boot Camp

 Even if you are OUT OF shape

 you CAN DO 

Code Pink Boot Camp! 

This camp is geared towards women that have 30 - 60 lbs of excess body fat to release and can't run and jump anymore.

Sherwood, OR

23550 SW Pine

Mon. Tue. & Thur

5:30 am PST

Tue. & Thur

6:00 pm PST

  • Every session is filled with a variety of workouts...all designed for your needs! You may enjoy fitness circuits, strength training, a variety of light cardio, Pilates, yoga based stretching and more!

Regular investment is $10 per class for a 4-week session.  You can get solid, measurable results with your workout and nutritional guidance!

  • Enjoy more than just a work-out! We will work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals.   

Sherwood Fitness Boot Camp Code Pink Boot Camp

Your Success is Our Goal

What is Code Pink Boot Camp

Your Success is Our Goal

CODE PINK BOOT CAMP offers an exceptional fitness experience catered to women in their 40's to 70's. Of course if you are younger or older, you can still join us! Wherever you are in life, you will always feel encouraged, never feel left behind or like you are waiting on someone else.

  Boot Camp commitment and consistency are key to getting the results you want!

Achieve What You Thought Was Impossible! Join a fitness boot camp and workout with  other Code Pink Boot Campers who are making it happen today! 

 We understand that changing fitness habits is difficult. Our goal is to help you ease into that fitness change,  so it becomes apart of who you are...the you that you are working out to become! It all starts with your first step!  Register today for your first fitness boot camp!

We believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle. 

  Let Code Pink Boot Camp show you how!

Now...Achieve What You Thought Was Impossible with Code Pink Boot Camp!

Register for your Fitness Program Today!

Nutrition Consulting and 

Meal Plans are also available!


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About Owner/Trainer

Christina Lucy

Christina began her career in fitness as an aerobic instructor in 1983.  Still in her teens, she soon advanced to Aerobic Director.  Teaching group exercise has always been a passion of hers. She also became certified as a personal trainer and certified running coach. She has offered healthy cooking classes in her home and helped people with their nutrition plan.  In early 2000's she co-developed the Adventure Boot Camp Certification program and launched Code Pink Boot Camp in 2008.

Due to a variety of circumstances she had to put Code Pink Boot Camp on hold in 2015. During that time Christina ignored everything she knew about fitness and proper nutrition. Christina gained 65 pounds of unwanted body fat.  Along with that came arthritis  in her knees and high blood pressure.  Now in her 50's, Christina is re-launching Code Pink Boot Camp and catering to women that she can empathize with. Those uncomfortable in their own body, those who have aches and pains due to age or unhealthy living. She is encouraged to work alongside the women in her camp to make a healthy change and help each other find the fit body that has been lost.

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